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Help us Rock Out for Charity in Toronto!

In conjunction with Toronto Thumbs, Play Till Doomsday is working to promote an upcoming charity event supporting Child’s Play in Toronto.  But we need the community’s help (particularly in finding a venue)!  The following is written by Jason Wesley, organizer of the fundraiser:

With the holidays fast approaching, my mind turns to charity. I’m sure that many of our readers are aware of Child’s Play; every year, I have always donated a game or two, always amazed to see my contributions being part of a much bigger machine: one which makes my heart swell.

I’m fairly certain that by relation, our readers are aware of the endurance marathon known as Desert Bus For Hope. Last year, I drew up a charity project in the same vein as Desert Bus, but used Rock Band 2 instead. A couple of friends and I were scheduled to play Rock Band to the tune of $5 per song. We had set up a projector at work and played from 5 in the afternoon until 11 that night, raising exactly $500 and a bag of non-perishable food for the Food Bank. The team had an incredible time playing; knowing that everything went to a good cause just made the evening even better. Rock Band 3 will be coming out in only a couple of weeks, and with that, the playlist expands, as does the number of participants.

This year, I have been thinking about going bigger. With up to seven people playing all at the same time, I’d like to have more people so that we can “tag-out” exhausted band members; and I’ve been thinking that people from Toronto Thumbs would [and PTD!] be a perfect match.

We can stream the event online and run a ChipIn account for donations; we could ultimately end up playing for a very, very long time if people are generous. However, I’m still looking for a venue to hold the event, and here’s where I could use our readers’ help. We have tried contacting a few theatres and the Toronto Public Library for space, but either they don’t lend space for charities or are asking for too much money, more than we raised last year.

Here’s where we’re looking for some help. Do any of our readers have any suggestions for venues that we could perform this Charity event for the upcoming holidays?

If you know of a venue that would support such an event at no or low cost, please contact me.



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