Play Till Doomsday is the blog portion of a transmedia initiative to promote the idea that digital games are culturally significant artifacts and therefore have value outside of being frivolous leisure products or mass-produced commodities.  This blog aims to accessibly explore games, play and culture by combining theoretically-sound academic ideas with the perspectives, experiences and directives of the many individuals, communities, institutions and companies that weave together the fabric of digital games culture.  It is maintained by A. Brady Curlew, PhD, a Toronto-based digital media and information technology researcher.

The long term goals of this project are still being formulated and developed, but include paper-based wishes and celluloid dreams.  More will be ready to announce in the near future.

The short term goals for this project are to provide original content and commentary that emphasizes the role of digital games and other interactive media as cultural objects.  The ethos driving this site and the wider project to which it belongs holds that no culture phenomenon can be understood without identifying and engaging with the various intersections of diverse voices within it.  As such, Play Till Doomsday aims to bring together the different perspectives of those who have a stake in the culture that surrounds digital games, including but not limited to the businesses who publish games, the developers, collectives and creative individuals that build them, the players who engage with them, the media outlets that discuss them, the governments that regulate them and the academics who study them.

Alongside this is a focus on and exploration of digital game culture in Canada, and how the Canadian experience might differ from those of other jurisdictions from around the world.  For more information, please visit the contact info page.


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