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Exserpico 2: Sierra’s ‘Disney’ Issue and the Selective Limits of Conceptual Influence

“I sincerely hope that Activision-Blizzard can appreciate this tribute to these game franchises (as their original creators such as Al Lowe do), and not ask me to close down the site due to copyright issues.” Martin Kool, creator of, a website which allows in-browser emulation of classic Sierra adventure games

What follows is another short excerpt of my academic work on games, ripped from its analytical context! This piece is taken from a chapter of my PhD Dissertation, entitled Play / Counterplay: The Cultural Politics of Digital Game Modification. It mentions the cease and desist challenges faced by The Silver Lining, a fan made extension of Sierra Entertainment’s King’s Quest series. What appears here was written in fall 2009 and spring 2010, when the fate of The Silver Lining was in question. It has since been released in episodic form.

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